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Casting of Scaphoid Fracture
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General Approach

Although there are certainly a variety of causes of wrist pain, our approach to treatment always begins the same way. For proper hand function, pain relief is the essential primary objective. Mobility is secondary. Remember that as long as your wrist is stable and pain-free, the functions of your hand will not be significantly affected, and you will be able to lead a normal, healthy life.

Non-Surgical and Surgical Options

There are a number of both non-surgical and surgical options used to treat wrist pain. Simply attempting to restore the pre-injury or pre-condition bone structure and anatomy is usually not very effective. Over a period of time, the dynamic forces which cause wrist pain produce irreversible changes in the relationships of the bones within the human wrist. These changes make most attempts to restore the bony architecture extremely difficult and, more often than not, unsuccessful. As stated above, the first approach to alleviating wrist pain is to create a stable, pain-free wrist joint.

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