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Stretching Exercise

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Repetitive Strain Injury is common when the same muscles are used over and over again without being strengthened or stretched. Reported cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury have increased 100% since 1994. We’re all working harder, and spending more and more hours at our computers. Sitting at the computer can really strain your wrists if you’re not physically fit or if you’re sitting incorrectly.

Most people don’t give the wrist a second thought, but your wrists and hands are critically involved in most of the everyday movements and activities which we take for granted: simple activities like turning a doorknob, holding your baby, and even signing your name are controlled by these two relatively small parts of your body.

You may think that your hands get enough exercise, but in reality your hands aren’t exercised very much at all: they’re worked, and overworked. It’s important to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the wrists and hands, and to stretch the fingers as well. The following pages demonstrate a series of exercises and tips to help strengthen your wrists and hands, and are covered in depth in the video, Say Goodbye to Wrist Pain, which is available through this web site.

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